Eyebrow shape 2013-2014

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Fashion Makeover changes with each season. What form eyebrows for girls offer makeup this season? As always, we provide freedom of choice to create an image.
What eyebrows fashion in 2013-2014?
Depending on your chosen image, the general direction of makeup to choose and shape eyebrows for 2013-2014. If you want to be fashionable, then pay special attention to these lines is necessary. The most fashionable shape of the eyebrows, the proposed international make-up artists – the so-called “gull wing”. That is, they mimic the wing of a bird, rising from the nose to the temple, with a slight fracture. It is a universal form which is suitable for almost everyone.
The basic rule of this season – the naturalness
If you choose makeup Nude , then you should carefully draws her eyebrows. They should look as natural as the whole makeup. Bring a pencil, which is slightly lighter shade. Fashion in 2013 and remains a slightly rounded shape of the eyebrows. Fashion eyebrows for Spring-Summer 2013-2014 should be wide and thick, almost “sable”. Therefore stylists do not recommend them highly to pull out. You can play the line shape as a function of the oval of your face, shifting the break point closer to or further away from the bridge of the nose. If you’re a fan of classic, aristocratic style – you can to focus on the length of the arc. It should be able to temporarily extend the length of the outer corner of the eye, adding a noble grace. These eyebrows are very stylish. As for the color – stylists offer a wide choice, but tend to natural tones. With an emphasis on minimalism, enough to put a clamp.
With the emphasis on the eyes, in some collections arc highlights separately. This is especially true style 60’s. The main thing – do not forget that the emphasis on the eyes, lips, leaving “naked.” Although there are other trends. For example, bright, neon eye makeup, combined with the almost complete lack of eyebrows. Many stylists offer to decorate their various elements. For example, using a smoky eye makeup , eyebrow decorate with rhinestones, beads, and sequins. Thin lines in the form of threads of also have a place to be.
How to pick the eyebrows?
A correctly designed fashionable shape of eyebrows can dramatically change your face, to emphasize dignity, to give completeness to the image. Experiment and try to trim a stylish perfect brow shape for you. Choosing fashionable brow shape, consider the shape of the face and some of the rules:

  1. The girls round face should not wear the same curved eyebrows. You will approach the arc with a break – especially fashionable this season, “gull-wing”. But do not do a very fine tip.
  2. Girls with oval face shape can use any eyebrows and rounded, and with a break, and horizontal.
  3. For girls with a square face is optimal curved, raised up the line. This is the most natural form, is quite versatile.
  4. When the triangular type of person is not recommended for straight lines. Appropriate to smoothly curved, raised line.
  5. If the face is elongated, straight eyebrows exactly what you need. They will soften and to round it.

Making the right eyebrow
The basic rule in 2013-2014 – fashionable eyebrows should be natural, regardless of the form. Sometimes it is only slightly adjust the line by removing only a few hairs. Determine the optimal shape it for yourself you can with a pencil. To do this, you need to find three reference points. First – connect pencil wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye. This will be the start point of the line. The second – the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eye. It’s the end of the arc. The third – the wing of the nose and the pupil. The highest point. Width is also chosen depending on the individual. If you have a large face – do not do a very thin eyebrows. Despite what brows were fashionable in 2013-2014 – choose those that suit you, because that is what will be the most fashionable brow for you.


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