Fashion Accessories Spring-Summer 2014

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One can hardly find a woman with a make-up bag or purse, there is not even a single hair clips, rubber bands or rim, not to mention the rings, chains and bracelets. Accessories were invented by the ancient people. Even then valued beauty, but it is always trying to improve something new. Please take a fashion accessory of 2014.
Offers stylish accessories in 2014
If we pay attention to the fashions of this year, the trend is bright and decorated with all sorts of prints . Accessories designers support this idea. It’s amazing, but that was just bad taste or two years ago, is now considered to be the ideal riding taste. Let’s start with the heads of our lovely fashionistas.
Everyone knows that clean, well-groomed hair – a business card woman. A beautifully laid hairstyle speaks of her mistress, as neat and tidy woman with impeccable taste. But what if you add to hair headband? After all, these wonderful accessories have been undeservedly forgotten for several years and have been used more often for the convenience of the ladies than to complement their image. The most relevant in this season rims with gold color and all its shades. Designers was not enough light, they added a little thing feathers, rhinestones, in general, all that, somehow, attracts the eye. If you choose the bezel, check yourself in make-up. Otherwise, you risk becoming not fashionistas with great taste, and a magpie, which throws all that glitters.
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A very important accessory for women in 2014. Decorative collars look very delicate and feminine. Embroidered blouses with collars look luxurious. Such a model is quite suitable for work and everyday life. Necklace in the form of collars – an interesting solution, which helps to form the image of the evening. Moreover, decorative collars are some of the most fashionable accessories in 2014. They are decorated not only dresses, blouses, but spring coats.
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Wide belts
This is a very good offer to complement the image. They not only complement the ensemble, but also distinguish the waist, which is important for any woman. Designers this season are not advised to choose simple wide belts, and the models are luxuriously decorated.
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This classic has always been held in high esteem among fashionistas. And in this season, designers have also paid due attention to them. Dense and light, bright and soothing colors will accentuate your model image, one has only to choose wisely accessory. By the way, this year’s scarf is relevant not only in the spring, but in summer.
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Fashion Accessories Spring-Summer 2014
Socket is now decorated with all sorts of decorative items, from chains to flowers. With such a bright summer sunglasses necessarily apply make-up, look you’ll still be stylish.
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Sandals-gladiators very controversial model of shoes. This season, designers have found her approach. “Gladiators” with narrow straps look very feminine and stylish. These shoes is quite possible to put on a short skirt or dress. No less relevant in this season shoes of the “metallic” skin. In fashion shoes with pointed toe of gold, silver or bronze skin. Transparent shoes this season won all the praise. Shoes with clear sole or heel look very easy. It is possible to combine these models with actual in this season transparent bags. Some of the fashion accessories in 2014 was high colored or carved platform. Designers such work can be called a truly masterpiece.
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Bag – one of the major accessories for women of 2014. This season designers have decorated them with different items, colors and prints. There are models to suit every taste, from bags of reptile skin to openwork knit.

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