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The hair of any girl – it’s a source of pride and care. From styling or accessories may vary, what would be the image of a whole – business, romantic, solemn evening or everyday. The images can be changed, having any hairstyle – long, short, thick, curly, straight, any color. Fashion Hair Accessories 2014 are many types and models that will adorn any hairstyle no matter the time of year, whether it is spring, summer or fall.
Summer – perhaps the best time to decorate their hair and do various experiments with them. At this time do not have to wear warm hats or scarves that hide the beauty. Therefore, it is in the spring and summer season is the greatest variety, which presents summer hair accessories, and a collection of 2014 proof.
What could be the hair accessories?
Modern trendy hair accessories quite versatile and perform tasks as practical (to collect, pick up, stab or braided hair), and purely decorative. Today, boutiques and online stores you can find almost any accessory options:

  • gum;
  • hairpins;
  • clamps;
  • hoops (rims);
  • Clips of invisibility;
  • studs;
  • headbands;
  • decorative hair sticks.

The modern fashionista can easily find accessories for hair almost every taste, style and budget. Every year the range and variety is growing. Scrunchy can now be more than just rubber bands, hair bows and decorating, sequins, beads or other items attached to them. Ordinary “tail” is a stylish hairdo. The set of pins and clips are also very original refresh hair – they can be with bows, butterflies and flower buds, fresh flowers mimic, moths, ladybugs – it looks very beautiful, stylish and over-year. Hoops and rims can also be found in all sorts of styles, with what you like decor – from simple plastic to wide, decorated in the colors of an animal, decorated with large rhinestones, flowers, or even studs and spikes.
What accessories are in trend today?
Stylish hair accessories are becoming popular day by day and quite effectively complement, and sometimes, and form an interesting image. Particularly popular in the recently acquired bandages – textile accessories that are worn on the head, performing as a function of the hoop and trim. They can be anything you want design – in a retro style, ethnic style, in the form of concise ribbons. Popular steel hoops and barrettes with small caps and veils – they help to create a favorite today by many women of fashion retro style.
Also became very fashionable variety of scarves and headbands of the “turban”, and scarves, bandanas. They form an unusual way in the eastern style or hippie – it depends on what kind of accessory you put on.

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