Fashion Jewelry Spring-Summer 2013-2014

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Lately, costume jewelry has become very popular. Famous designers around the world include it in their collections, because good jewelry looks no worse, and sometimes even better than jewelry. It is perfect for casual style and will add personality to your image.

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The first time brought into fashion jewelry unique Coco Chanel, who believed that it can easily brighten up any outfit. To this day, the famous jewelry fashion house Chanel – chain with inlays of stone, large brooches, beads of glass are known worldwide.

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Do not get hung up on purely jewelry made ​​of precious metals with precious stones, buy a gold ring you always have time. The collection of any ladies have to be several sets of jewelry, so it is sure to acquire such a fashion accessory. About what kind of jewelry in trend this season, we will cover in this article.

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Among the variety of different options for jewelry, presented on the shows of designers, hard to pick any one. Very often in the same package can be combined with several styles. However, it is worth mentioning separately ethnic style that is in vogue today, not only in accessories, but also in clothing.

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Do not leave the minds of the fashion theme of the Middle Ages, so popular are pendants with crosses or orders. At the height of fashion and costume jewelry Baroque: Ashley Pitman and Tom Binns, followed by a new collection of Dolce & Gabbana, released luxurious decoration in black and gold colors.

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This season, designers prefer large, massive jewelry. Costume jewelry is made of many different materials, but the most popular were gold jewelry metal. Also relevant jewelry made of wood, leather and colored enamel. As for colors, the height of fashion – jewelry metallic shades: gold, silver, steel. Very often in the collections of famous fashion houses are bright decoration, combining a large number of rich colors.

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The most fashionable jewelry this season will be the bracelets. They must be large and can be made of various materials: plastic, wood, leather or metal, as well as finished stones or crystals. Especially popular oriental style that involves multiple layers: on the hand can be worn multiple bracelets, and not necessarily that they are in harmony with each other.


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