Fashion Nails Fall-Winter 2013-2014

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A well-known fact that the woman’s hand – this is one of the first of what men pay attention to when they first met. So nice neat manicure is a very important moment in the formation of the ideal image.

What kind of manicure is in vogue in the autumn and winter 2013-2014? What should be the nails to cause the admiration of others? Let’s look at the leading fashion trends in manicure in 2014.

Fashion Nails Fall-Winter 2013-2014: a genuine and natural.

In the new autumn-winter 2013-2014 designers and stylists preferring manicure style Nude. Natural colors: beige, nude, light pink, pale brown. Slowly but surely replacing  natural nails, natural nail shape displace artificially simulated. This season, at the peak of popularity of short nails and nails medium length oval or almond shape. (Alas, stilettos and square nails are no longer relevant). The emphasis is on accuracy manicure, but not to its diversity and pretentiousness.

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Trendy colors manicure autumn-winter 2013-2014.

As for trendy colors, then there is a choice of stylists and fell on metal colors: gold, silver, steel, bronze and lead. Featured in the new season styles of grunge and military have been embodied in the field of manicure: metallic luster – the undisputed hit of autumn and winter of 2013-2014.

There is also a trendy nail color experts attribute and various shades of red: Bardo, purple, red, orange, fuchsia, and the juicy berry colors.

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Fashion Nails 2014: French and moon manicures.

Invented back in 1976, the year of the outstanding Jeff Kick French manicure firmly holds its position in the fashion pedestal. Not surprising – neat, elegant, suitable for any form of nails and clothes that do not require a huge effort and time-consuming – a manicure fond of women around the world. But fashion is not in place, adding new touches to the usual solutions. And today, the classic French and the moon manicure added such nuances as the gradient painting, decoration tiny rhinestones, colored paints instead of white. Note, however, minimalism – as one of the leading trends of the coming fall and winter – has not been canceled, so you should give up the abundance of crystals and stones on the nails. If so, and there is a strong desire to create a decor – then limit it with one finger on each hand.

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Fashion Nails 2014: The palette of colors.

Which became fashionable in the last season that idea manicure, continues to gain momentum. Bright and juicy varnishes (different on each finger) is certainly appropriate to look in the spring and summer than in autumn and winter, but on the other hand – they are designed to add brightness to the dull gray of the year.

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Fashion Nails Fall-Winter 2013-2014: matt varnishes.

Another trend that has recently appeared, but quickly broke into the fashion world of nails – matte varnishes. Very elegant and restrained, and most importantly – very unusual!

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Fashion Nails 2014: Lace.

If you remember, in the new autumn-winter 2013-2014 Femininity designers chose as the main “red line”, can be traced in all the collections of fashion apparel, shoes , accessories . Of course, this trend is relevant in the field of manicure. Elegant exquisite lace – the best evidence. This is, perhaps, the most current list, which can happen in a trendy manicure 2014. Japanese Flowers (so long occupied the first place in the ranking of painting nails) – yesterday! No leaves, butterflies, flowers. The painting takes place only in the event that it represents the feminine and refined luxury of this lady.

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Fashion Nails Fall-Winter 2013-2014: Caviar.

All admirers of molding on the nails of the season will not sweet – modeling is completely out of fashion, and today is a sign of bad taste rather than an alternative manicure. However, fashion has become close to her decision – in the style of a trendy manicure Caviar. This tiny pebbles (or beads or chips), a thick layer deposited on the entire surface of the nail, or a portion thereof. Originally a manicure carried out only in black, hence the name of caviar, which translates as “caviar”, but today this manicure done in any color you like. Do not forget about the fact that the asymmetry in fashion, and therefore it is appropriate to implement the caviar on a nail, or two if you think that his performance on all ten fingers would look awkward and hard.

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Not discount manicure in your way, for beautiful nails and hands – is a powerful weapon of every woman on the path to perfection.


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