Fashionable Dresses for the New Year 2014

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Choosing a dress for New Year’s 2014, you’ll probably want to find a dress that is different from all the others in color and style? And we can help you with this. Let’s see what are the main trends are dresses, which will meet the year of Horse.

Gold dress for New Year 2014 – one of the key trends of the upcoming grand party.

If you want to look like a festive night is really elegant and noticeable encourage you to pay close attention to the bright, shiny, gold dress that can make you the “center” of attention at any party. These dresses are perfect look with the details of lace, embroidery, fringes or curtain.

New year dresses (4)

Silver dress for New Year 2014 – Year of the Horse – is the next trend, which popularity is about on par with gold dresses. If you prefer gold, silver, and at least want to look festive in the last hours of the year, the dresses in silver style you are going to like.

New year dresses (3)

Lace dresses will appeal to those girls who prefer more classic. These dresses look very smart, but certainly not as much as those dresses that we have considered above.

New year dresses (1)

If you want to achieve maximum elegance, elegance and charm, then pay attention to the transparent dresses for New Year’s, which are at the peak of popularity in the current season. In the trend colors such as dark green, red, deep blue and black.

New year dresses (2)

Christmas dresses 2014 with a variety of prints – floral, geometric, natural – will also be quite popular in the festive night.

New year dresses (5)

As you can see, the choice of stylish dresses for New Year’s 2014 Horse is large enough, and if you really apply a little effort, you probably will choose a one outfit that will give a hundred percent.


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