Latest Accessories Autumn Winter 2014

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The new autumn-winter collections occur without rest, but we must not only gather ideas for the clothes we buy, but also for all those accessories fashion that will make our looks unique.

This year again, the accessories are the kings of all the looks, especially handbags and jewelry . For within this firm will find a huge variety perfect for every occasion, party accessories, casual … but always elegant!

In Accessories stores you can always find amazing ideas and different, with creative pieces and colorful, is a company that I personally love. The pity is that they have not yet online store and the fact is that there is not many physical stores spread over our country.

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accessories fall winter 2014 handbag collection on Party In their models have the best example Accessories style, with bags on which act as large clutch. They are more versatile and easier to carry, and are noted for their intricate beading, drawings forming a very modern ethnic style. Gold and blue are the colors chosen to present these pieces.

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black and white fall 2013 accessories accessories Speaking of day bags, you should go for those shopping , very large and in leather. These are limited to use smooth tones, with the dual white and black as main colors. These tones will find fashionable prints: the houndstooth , the English style, and vertical stripes, which continues after the summer. Breaking with the other models, you can find small shoulder bags with chain handles, which are very versatile, and the animal print, which remains in force after many seasons.

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accessories scarf fall winter 2014 scarf This firm also have new accessories scarves , who bet on the larger size. As in other mixtures supplements prints and colors are key.

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accessories collection autumn winter 2013 casual .As for jewelry party, not much different from the one take during the day, since everything is maximized and becomes exaggerated . The contrasts are needed, combined with knitted sweaters with bold necklaces full of rhinestones and metal fixtures. The style baroque ethnic mixed with in a final pieces that become protagonists. The bracelets are combined all together, with an excess that never ends.


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