Pencil skirt 2013-2014

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Fashion capricious and changeable, from season to season, it sets new rules of style. But there are things that do not depend on fashion trends, they are never redundant in the locker room. These things can be ranked and a pencil skirt. Generally recognized creator of such style skirt is a famous Christian Dior, who started the fashion for them in the 40s. Since then she has won the sympathy of all fashionistas the world, varying only in the details.

Fashionable pencil skirt 2013-2014

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The classic pencil skirt is a tight skirt strict cut up to mid-knee. An error of a few centimeters from the specified length. Most of these skirts are in the business dress code and dresses for formal events.

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All other types of pencil skirt differ only in details. For example, they may differ in the waist position – it may be too high as well as low. Owners of Fine figures can emphasize its slimness, combining an inflated waistline with various strict blouse and a turtleneck.

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Length also varies. Mistakenly believed that the pencil skirt can only midi-length, it can be short, different, even the boldest colors, complemented patterns that attracts young girls. On the contrary, some styles can be up to mid-calf, in rare cases – be up to the ankles.

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The cut of the skirt – a rather piquant detail that simply could not ignore his attention designers. So designed and bold choices pencil skirt with a slit in front or to the sides. Pockets on skirts mostly decorative, located either in front (quite large), or on the sides (almost invisible). A zipper and buttons – as decorative trim elements and allow to “play” with the silhouette of the skirt , as well as to the length and shape of the cut.

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Skirts with frills , no doubt, will please the romantic personages. It would seem that the pencil skirt – a style quite strict, but flounces and frills are able to give it a trim and surround view. Most often, they are located at the bottom of a skirt or a belt.

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More often than girls choose pencil skirt in black. But they are other colors and patterns – from the humble white to bold bright colors of fabrics of different textures. No matter what kind of pencil skirt you prefer – black or red, satin or jersey, one-color or patterned, it is in any case to complement your wardrobe.


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