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Animal patterns in clothing that is established in the fashion in recent seasons. All fashionable women realize that to have in her wardrobe accessory or a thing with leopard print, zebra snake or a must. Consider one of the most popular prints. So, what to combine zebra print?
Terms of zebra prints :
The image should be only one element of a zebra pattern. Whether it’s shoes, fashion bracelet , handbag, dress, skirt, coat or jacket, the thing decorated with bright print this should be the only one.
Zebra print is better to wear at a young age. For older women, there are many other exciting things.
Never combine a zebra print patterns with the other animals.
Since the designers have added a zebra print different colors – pink, blue, etc., must be selected in accordance with the tone tsvetotipu appearance:
brunettes should avoid beige and brown colors, but should look to white, black, red, blue, emerald green;
brown-haired better pay attention to purple, orange, gold, aquamarine;
blonde hair with golden tones suit beige, turquoise, golden-green color;
owners of blond and dark brown hair is best used to complement the image of such accessories with zebra print: bracelet, bag, earrings, scarf. Let there be light colors, cold gamut.
Zebra print dress
This print in clothing more than appropriate. Zebra print classic white and black color suitable for any event. The main thing is to choose wisely model clothes. This may be a jacket and shirt, and shoes and pants, and a scarf, and even dress.
Dresses decorated with zebra print
Zebra print is quite versatile. If you wear a dress with such patterns for a walk, your image will be very stylish and relevant. Well look model as of chiffon and of knitted fabric.
Note the evening dresses with zebra print. Models in the floor look very feminine and stylish. In this case, your image will impress others with their personality.

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