Hair coloring – Trends in 2013-2014

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Do you want to change the color of your hair? Regardless of whether you are going discolor only the individual strands or dye all the hair in a trendy new color, it is necessary to take into account the new trends of fashion in the coming year. It is quite natural that you do not want to dye your hair in the same color all the time. In this article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the new trends of 2013-2014. There are many options to be quite popular in the coming year, so choose the one you like best. Keep in mind that if you are not sure whether you fit the new color, use an unstable paint, one that will wash off over time. Then, in the belief that a new color for you, you will be able to use resistant paint.

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Below are the most popular trends in 2013-2014.

Bright, Vibrant Colors

It’s no secret that the bright colors are still the favorites. This trend has become more creative than ever. If you want to completely change the color of your hair, try something bold and bright, such as pink or electrician. Just think of those hairstyles that we do not cease to amaze.

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If you want something even more extravagant, try to paint only the tips of the hair (a very popular trend in the coming years). This painting technique will allow you to maintain your natural hair color, while the tips are painted in some bold and vibrant color. You can stay on one color or select multiple, creating a rainbow effect on his head.

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Coloured Stripes In Warm Tones

Long hair with colored strands. Coloured stripes – has always been very popular, but a new trend in 2013 focuses on the fact that the strands have to be painted in warm colors certainly. This means that the chosen shade should belong to the warm colors such as gold or caramel blond, bright or dark red, and even chocolate. In this case, choose to be more dramatic shades that are a few shades different from your natural hair color.

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If you want something truly unique, then take a look to this trend: the use of several different colors in different parts of the head. This will give the image a special depth and clarity. Just make sure that you choose similar colors in warm colors to match fashion.

Staining “Ombre”

This technique of hair coloring has become incredibly popular in recent years. Being very similar to the technique of “dip-dai”, this option implies the lightening of hair dye only the ends. For dark hair, you can safely choose lighter shades of brown at the cheekbones and below. For blond hair, the effect can be achieved by selecting a tone color or two lighter. Do not forget, no matter what the color of your hair, the paint should only choose the lighter shade of your natural color. A maximum of two colors. If you decide to make the image more dramatic and striking, the difference between the two colors, in the end, it will be too severe.

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Fashion trends of hair color 2013-2014 – very bold, original, and fun. Instead painted in the usual color, try one of the above, and you’ll catch yourself admiring glances.



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