Haircut wolf 2013-2014

June 17, 2013 12:05 pm1 commentViews: 136

When a woman chooses a new hairstyle, she presents it in various forms of installation. Haircut wolf is very similar to the cascading hair, but this type has its own characteristics.

The existence of such a hairstyle, many do not even know, but when he saw her hair, almost everyone wants to just this. Such a title she won because his hair is very similar to the wolf. The entire length of the hair is sticking locks. The tips of the hair seem to be as sharp as sharpened pencils. Whiskey and front strands are shortened, and the hair on the back of his head made in steps.


Haircut wolf (1) Haircut wolf (2) Haircut wolf (3)


– Suitable such a hairstyle for girls who do not have the volume on his head. Ladder lifts curls at the roots. Twisted tips below beautifully in tune with sharp points on top.

– Make it possible for such a haircut medium length hair. Many holders of a round face is choosing a type of haircut to reduce the visual features.

– By haircut suits bright makeup. Emphasis should be placed on the eyes and lips, but do not overdo it, causing the makeup will look bad to the original hairstyle.

– Choose a hairstyle girls who like to change their way. They are not afraid to experiment and be the center of attention.


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