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Approaching one of the most exciting and favorite holidays – New Year’s Eve. That’s already in the shops there New Year’s toys and ornaments in the air a magical holiday mood. Of course, New Year’s Eve, just as in any other holiday, every woman wants to look irresistible. To achieve the desired result, you need to choose not only the outfit, and fully consider the image of one of the main roles in which she plays hairstyle.

Hair-sure should be in harmony with your way , to support and complement it. Here are some options for hairstyles for the new year , we assembled on the catwalk shows of famous fashion designers.

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High festive hairstyle recently back in fashion, and as they create a kind of elegant charm that are suitable for special occasions and for any other holidays.

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To create a festive a pony, you can simply pick up the hair and beautifully put, you can tighten the knot like a ballerina and decorate it with accessories, can be made more complex hair with plaits and weaving. Look best updo made on straight hair. So before you start to make a festive hairstyle sure to straighten the hair.

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Hair-Tail – this is your salvation, if you can not do yourself a sophisticated hairstyle, also a new style of performing this hairstyle, presented at shows Marc by Marc Jacobs, Herve Ledger and Gucci makes it absolutely fantastic and requires minimal skills to work with hair. Gather hair at the crown and secure with a rubber band to give hair a contemporary look, add a few rubber bands along the length of the tail at an equal distance from each other, or Pin the tail part of the hair and slightly nacheshite it.

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One of the most elegant and romantic holiday hairstyles are braids . This is a much more complicated hairstyle that requires special skills, but it’s worth the effort, as do its possessor irresistible. Today, there are myriad variety tangle of braids, and they all look great on long hair .

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If you have not much time left, you can just let her hair by adding some decoration to give a festive look. In fact, it is this hairstyle is loved more than any other men.

Variations on the theme of the holiday hairstyles are endless, so experiment, try different styles and you will find exactly the hairstyle that suits you, and which you feel unbeatable!


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