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The role of hair in the formation of the individual image of women is very high. A good hairstyle is not only able to hide facial imperfections, highlight the advantages, but also radically change the usual look. It is important that hairstyle suited to the shape of the face , make-up and conform to fashion trends . What are the trends in hairstyles are in fashion in 2014? What we offer fashion designers and stylists? Let’s take a look behind the scenes of fashion shows and see what trendy haircuts and hairstyles 2014 will be the favorites.

Trendy hairstyles 2014: Straight hair

Loose straight hair for several years now hold their positions in the fashion pedestal. This is not surprising – they are suitable for almost all women, without exception, and does not require much effort to create. Shiny and silky straight hair developing on wind and sparkling in the sun, will add femininity and romanticism in any way. No matter you have a round face or oval – long flowing straight hair accentuate your true beauty.

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Trendy hairstyles 2014: Crazy volume

Equally popular and lush hair greased back hair. Those who came to us from distant 60th, these hairstyles have become the favorites of many women, including those who by nature was awarded a thick and luxuriant hair, and those who spend a tremendous effort that would artificially create it. Fortunately, there are many ways and cosmetics that help transform dull thin hair into a thick mop. In the picture shown hairstyles models.

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Extremely short haircuts 2014

Short hair – it is always elegant. One of the fashions – minimalism – not spared and the area of ​​fashionable haircuts and hairstyles 2014. A short haircut does not require long hair styling, and is ideal for women whose hair is naturally completely devoid of volume. If you do not like straight lines dramatically, with thinning shears can achieve naturalness and harmony in a short hairstyle. However, it is important to remember that even though such a hairstyle in the trend, but it is not for everyone, so before you make an extremely short haircut is best to consult with a professional stylist. In the picture shown haircuts with the fall-winter 2013-2014 .

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Trendy hairstyles 2014: The effect of wet hair

Another hot trend – hair style with the effect of wet hair. Fashion for the “wet” styling that is a leader, then pulled completely into the shadows. Who are laying again at the peak of popularity. The main advantage of such a hairstyle (besides the fact that it’s insanely beautiful, sensual and sexy) is that it can be done in just a few minutes. Does not require any time-consuming and skills hairstyle with the effect of wet hair instantly transform you into the image by adding a touch of romance. Wet effect looks flawless on both the long and the short hair.

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Fashion beams and Tails 2014

Another trendy area of ​​trendy hairstyles 2014 – all sorts of beams and tails. Very often, the shows can be found models with perfectly combed hair in a ponytail. This can be extremely high and tails is low – there stylists gave the girls a choice and the opportunity to express their imagination to the maximum. Especially fashionable tie the tails do not gum, and a lock of hair, which will make the image more natural and natural.

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All kinds of bundles also in the trend. It can be varnished miniature beam or a large effect of negligence, and can simply be raised at the back of the head with hair pins. Here again, the choice is yours. These hairstyles are ideal for work, simple yet elegant.

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Fashion bangs 2014

And the latest fashion trend in fashionable hairstyles autumn-winter 2013-2014 – bang! If you want to change in the usual manner, but to radically change the hairstyle does not aspire to, your choice – bangs. At first glance, such a small detail, but it can drastically change the usual haircut, as well as the image as a whole. In fashion a variety of bangs: dense lines, profiled oblique, short and long, ragged, round in the style of the 70’s and many others. One of the leading destinations in the area bangs – asymmetry. Correctly done bangs can make you visually younger, brighter and more spectacular.

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Below are a few more choices of fashion in the coming autumn-winter 2013-2014 haircuts and hairstyles.

Trendy hairstyles 2014 photos

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Do not forget that the choice of hairstyle should be paid no less attention than the selection of clothes, shoes , accessories . Look for his unique style, experiment and let fashion trends will be for you a guide to the fascinating world of this great haircuts and hairstyles.


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